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  • Antipsychotic drug efficacy correlates with the modulation of D1 rather than D2 receptor-expressing striatal projection neurons Nature Neuroscience  [Full Paper]

Seongsik Yun , Ben Yang, Justin D. Anair, Madison M. Martin, Stefan W. Fleps, Arin Pamukcu, Nai-Hsing Yeh, Anis Contractor, Ann Kennedy & Jones G. Parker

Press:  Wired Magazine – “Everyone Was Wrong About Antipsychotics”


  • Intersectional mapping of multi-transmitter neurons and other cell types in the brain Cell Reports  [Full Paper]

Jian Xu, Andrew Jo, Raina P DeVries, Sercan Deniz, Suraj Cherian, Idris Sunmola, Xingqi Song, John J Marshall, Katherine A Gruner, Tanya L Daigle, Anis Contractor, Talia N Lerner, Hongkui Zeng, Yongling Zhu


  • Kainate receptors regulate the functional properties of young adult-born dentate granule cells.  Cell Reports  [Full Paper]

Zhu, Y., Armstrong, J.A., Contractor, A.

  • Cortical interneurons in autism.  Nature Neuroscience  [Full Paper]

Contractor, A., Ethell, I.M., Portera-Cailliau, C.

  • Genetic disruption of Grm5 causes complex alterations in motor activity, anxiety and social behaviors.  Behavioural Brain Research  [Full Paper]

Xu J., Marshall J.J., Kraniotis S., Nomura T., Zhu, Y., Contractor, A.

  • Pulse-Chase Proteomics of the App Knockin Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s Disease Reveals that Synaptic Dysfunction Originates in Presynaptic Terminals.  Cell Systems  [Full Paper]

Hark T.J., Rao N.R., Castillon C., Basta T., Smukowski S., Bao H., Upadhyay A., Bomba-Warczak E., Nomura T., O’Toole E.T., Morgan G.P., Ali L., Saito T., Guillermier C., Saido T.C., Steinhauser M.L., Stowell M.H.B.,  Chapman E.R., Contractor A., Savas J.N.


  • Recruitment of parvalbumin and somatostatin interneuron inputs to adult born dentate granule neurons.  Scientific Reports  [Full Paper]

Remmers, C.L., Castillion, C.C.M., Armstrong, J.N., Contractor, A.

  • Neuronal BIN1 regulates presynaptic neurotransmitter release and memory consolidation.  Cell Reports  [Full Paper]

De Rossi, P., Nomura, T., Andrew, R.J., Masse, N., Sampathkumar, V., Musial, T., Sudwarts, A. Recupero A.J., Le Metayer, T., Hansen, M., Shim, H.N., Krause, S., Freedman, D.J., Bindokas, V., Kasthuri, N., Nicholson, D.A., Contractor, A., Thinakaran, G.


  • Activating newborn neurons suppresses depression and anxiety-like behaviors. Nat Comms [Full Paper

Tunc-Ozan, E., Peng, C-Y., Zhu, Y., Dunlop, S., Contractor, A., Kessler, J.A

  • Potentiating α2 subunit containing perisomatic GABAA receptors protects against seizures in a mouse model of Dravet syndrome.  The Journal of Physiology  [Full Paper]

Nomura T, Hawkins NA, Kearney JA, George AL Jr, Contractor A.


  • Critical Period Inhibition of NKCC1 Rectifies Synapse Plasticity in the Somatosensory cortex and Restores Adult Tactile Response Maps in Fragile X Mice.  Molecular Psychiatry  [Full Paper]

He Q., Arroya E., Smukowski, S.N., Xu, J., Piochon C., Savas, J.N., Portera-Cailliau, C. & Contractor, A. 

  • Development of GABAergic Inputs Is Not Altered in Early Maturation of Adult Born Dentate Granule Neurons in Fragile X Mice.  eNeuro  [Full Paper]

Remmers, CL & Contractor, A. 

  • Axonal organization defects in the hippocampus of adult conditional BACE1 knockout mice.  Science Translational Medicine  [Full Paper]

Ou-Yang M., Kurz J., Nomura T., Popovic J., Rajapaksha T.W., Dong H., Contractor, A., Chetkovich DM., Tourtellotte W.G. & Vassar R.

  • Kainate receptors inhibit glutamate release via mobilization of endocannabinoids in striatal direct pathway Spiny Projection Neurons (dSPNs).  The Journal of Neuroscience  [Full Paper]

Marshall, J.J., Xu, J. & Contractor, A. 

  • Development of photoactivatable drugs enables nicotinic optopharmacology.  Nature Methods  [Full Paper]

Banala, S., Arvin, M.C., Bannon, N.M., Xiao-Tao, J. Wang, Y., Zhao, G., Marsall, J.J., Gee, K.R., Wokosin, D.L., Contractor, A., Lester, H.A., Kozorovitskiy, Y., Drenan, R.M. & Lavis L.D. 


  • Delayed maturation of fast-spiking interneurons is rectified by activation of TrkB receptor in the mouse model of Fragile X syndrome.  The Journal of Neuroscience  [Full Paper]

Nomura, T., Marshall, J.J., Zhu, Y., Remmers, C.L., Xu, J., & Contractor, A

  • Aberrant Rac1-cofilin signaling mediates defects in dendritic spines, synaptic function, and sensory perception in fragile X syndrome. Science Signaling  [Full Paper]

Pyronneau, A., He, Q., Hwang, J.Y., Porch, M., Contractor, A. & Zukin, R.S.

  • Complete Disruption of the Kainate Receptor Gene Family Results in Corticostriatal Dysfunction in Mice.  Cell Reports  [Full Paper]

Xu J, Marshall JJ, Fernandes HB, Nomura T, Copits BA, Procissi D, Mori S, Wang L, Zhu Y, Swanson GT, Contractor A


  • Distinct Subunit Domains Govern Synaptic Stability and Specificity of the Kainate Receptor.  Cell Reports  [Full Paper]

Straub C, Noam Y, Nomura T, Yamasaki M, Procissi D, Yan D, Fernandes HB, Zhang P, Howe JR, Watanabe M, Contractor A, Tomita S

  • Subchronic phencyclidine treatment in adult mice increases GABAergic transmission and LTP threshold in the hippocampus. Neuropharmacology  [Full Paper]

Nomura T, Oyamada Y, Fernandes HB, Remmers C, Xu J, Meltzer H, Contractor A

  • Chronic nicotine mitigates aberrant motor learning by motor experience under dopamine deficiency.  The Journal of Neuroscience [Full Paper]

Koranda, J.L., Krok, A.C., Xu, J., Contractor, A., McGehee, D.S., Beeler, J.A. & Zhuang, X.


  • Review: Altered Neuronal and Circuit Excitability in Fragile X Syndrome. Neuron  [Full Paper]

Contractor A, Klyachko VA, Portera-Cailliau C

  • Epac2 mediates cAMP-dependant potentiation of neurotransmission in the hippocampus.  The Journal of Neuroscience  [Full Paper]

Fernandes HB, Riordan S, Nomura T, Remmers CL, Kraniotis SA, Marshall JJ, Kukreja L, Vassar R, Contractor A

  • Double dissociation of the roles of metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 and oxytocin receptor in discrete social behaviors.  Neuropsychopharmacology [Full Paper]

Mesic, I., Guzman, Y.F., Gueda, A.L., Jovasevic, V., Corcoran, K.A., Leaderbrand, K. Nishimori, K., Contractor, A., & Radulovic, J.